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  • Second Annual Exoplanetary Science Initiative (ESI) Symposium

    March 30, 2017

    We cordially invite you to attend the second annual JPL ESI Symposium. This is a venue to foster scientific discussion on the topic of exoplanet science and for ESI-funded research tasks to present their latest results. The ESI Symposium highlights JPL's unique institutional strengths in planetary and astrophysical science and mission implementation and reflects JPL's institutional commitment to cross-disciplinary excellence in the rapidly developing field of exoplanet science. The ESI Symposium features recent exoplanet science results from both established teams and scientists, with deep expertise by scientists in related areas of planetary science and astrophysics, who are infusing the field with new ideas. Exoplanets are both diverse and complicated, and understanding these distant worlds requires a multidisciplinary scientific approach. In the spirit of exploration and a broad scientific exchange among a diverse group, the ESI Symposium is open to everyone with an interest in exoplanets.

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